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  1. Johnny Richards - Rare Alternate Arrangement of Omo Ado

    Worth it as a starting place?
  2. New Charlie Miller of 3-19-77 Grateful Dead. Great show
  3. At that price I'll take a chance with udiscover.
  4. now $76.86 for the cd set. Guess I'm in.
  5. George Cables - Too Close For Comfort

    Always enjoy seeing him with the Cookers.
  6. $325 for the Carver (pdf manual available), $275 for the SVS 16-46pci and $200 for the Paradigm Monitor 11 v2. All of these are OBO. Local pickup/meetup in Washington DC metro area. Shipping might be work but would not be cheap. Direct email with any ? is jhw59 at
  7. SACD players

    Thanks Lon. I have a Jolida tube cd player I use for redbook playback generally.
  8. SACD players

    happy I have a 203 AND a 205 Oppo. I've been using the 203 but will integrate the 205 into my new setup when I move next month.
  9. Concerts: previews / reviews

    Keystone Korner in Baltimore reopening soon!
  10. Enjoyed it but I wouldn't want to be married to him. Otherwise, he presents himself as a musician intent on passing his knowledge to young players.
  11. Dexter Gordon

    I love Dexter but that man had some issues. I remember seeing him at a club and between breaks (not set but instrument) he would leave the bandstand, go to the bar and chug a couple of beers then return for his break without missing a beat. This was early 80s I think.
  12. Never a fan of the SQ of the 3 cd set as it wasn't very well miced. I'm not sure any new releases will be able to improve it.
  13. Now reading...

    Great read especially if you liked the albums he produced. I did for the most part.
  14. Birdland is on the verge of closing.

    me too. Too many fun nights there sitting at the bar.
  15. Billy Hart Corner

    Nice guy. I literally sat right next to him which was an amazing percussion experience. We chatted between sets. He's from DC so a lot of his homies were in the audience. Don't overlook his work with the Cookers.