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How do you embed a video in a post?

You go to the bookmark line which indicates the item you want to embed, press on control and C, then you go the thread where you want to post it, go to the 'insert media' sign which is at the far right of the line with various signs just above the empty post space, press on control and V et voilĂ !

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In case this was missed by some members...


Lenny Bruce introduces Cannonball, with Bill Evans, Teddy Kotick, Philly Joe Jones. A 1962 video (too bad there was HD viceo at the time)

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sometimes I wonder about youtube suggestions.

yesterday I was listening/watching a clip of a Nate Wooley concert which I quite dug. One of youtube suggestions was that I listen to this


which wtf I did. While not my kinda music I was impressed in terms how this is produced and how much people apparently still dig all that brass in polka and marching stuff.

It's weird because one of the things I dug a lot about the Wooley concert is how he brought in that brass group. how did youtube know that?

The next suggestion was Snarkey Puppy.

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