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Fred Anderson - RIP

Chuck Nessa

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I remember the day I met Fred Anderson – October 20, 1966. The occasion was Joseph Jarman’s first recording session for Delmark. After the session I invited everyone back to our apartment for a party. I can still see Fred sitting on the mattress in our living room – we didn’t have real furniture then. I also remember the last time I saw Fred – it was a few months ago outside the Velvet and we were about to leave. Ann hugged and kissed him - the startled/bemused look on his face will be with me forever.

I guess 40 + years of Fred has to be enough

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Sorry about the loss of your friend, Chuck. 40 years. That's beautiful.

Great memories of first encountering his music through Chuck, of going to the old Velvet Lounge after the Chicago Jazz Fest, of bringing him back to Michigan for concerts in Grand Rapids, and for his innate ability as a teacher.



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An message from Fred's granddaughter:

Hello family and friends! My name is Jasmine Sebaggala, I am Fred Anderson's grandaughter.  I am writing on behalf of my family.  We appreciate the support and prayers for my grandfather, Fred Anderson. 

My Grandfather received visits and phone calls from more than 200 people.

People traveled from various cities to visit him.  Thanks for sharing great vibes, stories, food and love.

My grandfather died peacefully on Thursday June 24, 2010 at 3:10 a.m. He was in hospice at The Ark in Park Ridge, IL.  We will miss my grandfather's presence, and cherish our memories of him. He was a humble man that helped and inspired others and loved his family and friends. The velvety smooth sounds blown from his horn remind me of his dedication, strength and courage.  We will always honor his legacy, work ethic and determination.  Funeral arrangements are pending.

In lieu of flowers, our family asks that donations be endorsed to Friends of the Velvet and sent to Asian Improv Arts Midwest, 410 S. Michigan Ave #943, Chicago,IL 60605.


Jasmine Sebaggala

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