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    • Erik Satie
      new one coming out that might be interesting:   Owning the big EMI box by Ciccolini (and enjoying it a lot), I still have all of his Satie ... and I quite like it for what it is.   Another one I really like, and my first Satie, is this here by Reinbert de Leeuw: This one has been reissued, just in case: just have to love the absurd poetry of automated translations - very much in spirit with Satie and with the dada centennial!   Various Artists / Eric Satie & Friends [EU Import Edition]
      "Maverick music" Erik Satie. As well as a number of "strange" music is the same age that he has created, is as you know posterity also that a significant impact. As with the music, there was also is a quirky his life, we must not forget that was at the same time the ultimate "beloved character". Lifetime thing of course is a Debussy was the best friend through, was not satisfied, he lost "sextet ... Duret, Honegger, Milhaud, Tailleferre, Poulenc, six of Auric", Jean Cocteau, "Ballet friendship with Picasso that evolved from involvement with Luce ", and such friendship relationship ... that was born from the relationship with Dadaism, while having a chat with artists of Paris over a lifetime, has produced that own songs It was Tsu.
      The 13-Pack, not only Satie works, Debussy, Ravel, Saint-Saens, historical was released from Satie and a composer who works with alternating current Columbia ~ CBS and RCA Red Seal, such as Chabrier It has been recorded in the performance. Humor of, descriptiveness, and Esprit and irony. Satie shown with only the difficulty and joy of bringing these feelings into music. Poulenc and Milhaud, Saint-Saens and from among the numerous works of Faure et al., Or it will not come seen through a strong influence and charisma of Satie. It is good planning to air at the time of Paris is felt.
      CD1 ~ is up to 12, self-made kno the work of Satie by piano solo of Poulenc (CD1), France Songs of Poulenc and ally Pierre Bernac (CD2), four hands by Casadesus and his wife, known as the name board of the stereo era piano works for (CD4), John de Lancie and oboe works including the Francais "flower clock" of Andre Previn collection, orchestra album by Philippe Entremont forming a family as Satie musician (CD7), France piano songs (CD8), France Lieder with Crespin (CD9), Satie works (CD11), are recorded in the second half of 1970 France music works by great performance of high Gerhard commander National Philharmonic of evaluation in the goodness of the sound quality (CD12 ) Tureck, Tagliaferro, Morocco-born pianist who died of AIDS at the young of studied and 33-year-old in the mountains, et al., Daniel Varusano of Satie great performance collection (CD10), such as coupling and as it is on CD in the jacket design of the original LP.
      CD13 is a compilation entitled "initial recording", Casadesus, Kusevitsuki, Kurtz, is a reprint of the historic recording of Satie and Saint-Saens, which was recorded in the United States in such 1930's and 40's Tourelles.
      Original coupling at the time of each disk LP release of CD1 ~ 12, is enclosed in a paper jacket of the original jacket design (label design also reproduced at the time of design), cardboard clamshell box (width 12.7 cm x thickness W 3.4 it has been housed in cm x height 12.8 cm). All color separate Reference track listen computing that describes the detailed data is in, precious artist photos, and liner notes have been posted, you have to follow the quality of the "Original Jacket Collection". Label: Sony Classical [recording schedule songs]
      Poulenc: "Three Mukyu dynamic", "eight of the Nocturne, second and 1 in C major," "French Suite"
      Satie: "automatic description method", "three of Gymnopedie", "the second of thought from the last," "fat wooden doll sketch and teasing"
      ~ Francis Poulenc (piano) [Recording: February 1950] [Disc2]
      Poulenc: "Guillaume Apollinaire four of poetry," "You look at the twilight of the fire", "hands mercy of the mind", "calligram"
      Chabrier: "happiness of the island," "small poem of duck (duck)"
      Debussy: "Beautiful evening," "hedge lined with flock is", "love two people walking."
      Satie: "bronze statue," "Dafeneo (dandy)," "Mad Hatter"
      ~ Pierre Bernac (baritone), Francis Poulenc (piano) [Recording: 1950 1 & March, New York] [Disc3]
      Millau: "autumn of Concertino"
      Satie: "In a brace of horses."
      Debussy: "ancient epigraph"
      Poulenc: "Piano Sonata for four hands."
      ~ Arthur Gold and Robert Fitz Dale (piano duo) Recording: January 1953 New York, Columbia 30 Avenue studios] [Disc4]
      Debussy: "Petite Suite (for piano duet)"
      Satie: "Three Pieces in the shape of a pear."
      Chabrier: "Three of the romantic waltz"
      Faure: "Suite" Dolly ""
      ~ Arthur Gold and Robert Fitz Dale (piano duo) [Recording: January 1959] [Disc5]
      Francais: "" Flower Clock "for oboe and orchestra"
      Satie (Debussy ed.): "Gymnopedie the first and second"
      Ibert: "Sinfonia concertante"
      ~ John de Lancie (oboe) Andre Previn (conductor), London Symphony Orchestra [Recording: 8 and 9th-1966] [Disc6]
      Satie: "sports and pastimes," "three Gymnopedie" "chat woman," "Nocturne No. 3," "dance wearing the armor," "trap of the Medusa," "first of Minuet," "three gnossiennes", "really for dogs soft and flabby prelude you "," ESPA meow Nha "," parched fetus "
      ~ William Masselos (piano) Recording: December 1968, New York, Webster Hall] [Disc7]
      Satie: "Parade," "red prelude of the curtain," "Gymnopedie the first and second (Debussy ed.)," "Today suspending performance"
      - Philippe Entremont (conductor) Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Recording: May 1970, London] [Disc8]
      Ravel: "" Couperin's Tomb "- Rondeau," "Pavane for a Dead Princess," "the morning song of the clown"
      Debussy: "flaxen-haired maiden," "dream"
      Chabrier: "Scherzo = Vals"
      Satie: "Three Gymnopedie"
      Faure: "Nocturne No. 6," "Impromptu No. 3"
      Poulenc: "" Three Pieces "- Toccata"
      - Philippe Entremont (piano) Recording: February 1972, London] [Disc9]
      Ravel: "natural history"
      Satie: "Mad Hatter", "gentle", "Dafeneo (dandy)," "colectivo", "bronze statue," "Ju-to-Vu," "Cat's chanson," "Empire theater of song"
      ~ Rejinu-Crespin (soprano) Philippe Entremont (piano) Recording: November 1979, Paris of Notre Dame du Liban church] [Disc10]
      Satie: "gnossiennes No. 1", "unpleasant three waltz to the poseur," "gnossiennes No. 2," "the penultimate of thought," "gnossiennes No. 3," "Sarabande first and third," "Nocturne No. 1 "" gnossiennes No. 4, "" Gymnopedie No. 1 "," wizened fetus, "" Gymnopedie No. 2, "" bureaucratic Sonatine. "" Gymnopedie No. 3, "" gnossiennes No. 5 "
      ~ Daniel Varusano (piano) Recording: January 1979, Paris of Notre Dame du Liban church] [Disc11]
      Satie: "Ju-to-Vu," "gold dust", "three of Gymnopedie" "automatic depiction", "unpleasant three waltz to the poseur," "three gnossiennes," "fat wooden doll sketch and teasing," " deathbed before the meditation, "" Nocturne No. 1 "
      - Philippe Entremont (piano) Recording: November 1979, Paris of Notre Dame du Liban church] [Disc12]
      Satie: "Gymnopedie the first and second"
      Faure: "Pavane"
      Ravel: "Introduction and Allegro," "Tomb of Couperin," "Pavane for a Dead Princess"
      ~ Charles Gerhard (Conductor & arrangements) National Philharmonic Orchestra [Recording: 1978] [Disc13]
      Saint-Saens: "Piano Concerto No. 4 in C minor, Op.44"
      ~ Robert Casadesus (piano) Artur Rojinsuki (conductor) New York Philharmonic Record: February 1945, New York, Carnegie Hall] Satie: "Three Pieces in the shape of a pear."
      - Gaby Casadesus and Robert Casadesus (piano duo) Recording: April 1946 New York, the leader Kranz Hall] Satie: "Mad Hatter", "Ju-to-Vu"
      ~ Jenny Tourelles (mezzo-soprano) George Reeves (piano) [Recording: October 1947] Satie: "Gymnopedie No. 1"
      ~ Sergei Kusevitsuki (conductor), Boston Symphony Orchestra Recording: April 1930] Satie: "Parade"
      ~ Efrem Kurtz (conductor) Houston Symphony Orchestra Recording: December 1949, Houston] Satie: "Gymnopedie the first and second"
      ~ Sergei Kusevitsuki (piano) Recording: April 1949, Boston, Symphony Hall]
    • Blue Mitchell / Sonny Red - Uptown
      Interesting thought re: Roscoe - but yeah, makes sense!
    • What vinyl are you spinning right now??
      Insane !    is he mad?.... And can we all join in !
    • How's the weather?
      Power outage at place last night - pretty rare event. Fortunately back to normal now and I don't have to haul out the hand cranked gramophone !