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  1. Lyle Mays, R.I.P. (1953–2020)

    A piece I wrote for New York Jazz Workshop in memoriam: http://bit.ly/38jmxzX Steve Rodby wrote a very moving post on Facebook about his last day spent with him, and Pat Metheny's further reflections give the story of the past decade post PMG and they had been discussing a Wichita sequel. I have to admit Lyle's passing hit me just as hard as when Jimmy Smith died... my passion for Metheny's music has lead me to professional connections to him as well as his band mates, and alumni. Antonio Sanchez has become a close friend, so it hit me VERY hard, to hear of Lyle's passing. I was going to ask Antonio to connect me with Lyle for a podcast. I know he was not to everyone's taste as Jim Sangrey noted, but he was something special, IMO.
  2. Lyle Mays, R.I.P. (1953–2020)

    His 5 solo albums (Ludwigsburg Concert is an archive release from 1993 out in 2015) all have something to offer. I cannot fathom his statement in a Jazziz podcast he played poorly on Fictionary, he admitted to be in awe of Jack DeJohnette and felt a bit inhibited. The album I think, is fantastic.
  3. Lyle Mays, R.I.P. (1953–2020)

    This one hurts, bad... His impact on me as a listener was huge, such a great talent.
  4. Lee Morgan 60s Mosaic set

    Yeah, I think it'll be around a few months, the set. Indeed, people wanting physical product seems rare I still do though I also stream because I feel like it's a test drive to see if I really want an album.
  5. Lee Morgan 60s Mosaic set

    I notice Hank set is on backorder till March. Dusty Groove has it, though I may wait a tiny longer. I don't expect the set to stay in print like the 50's Mobley, yet all the music is available in original album form streaming... the question I have is how often will I play it given my days of being hooked/collecting hard bop are largely over, but I do want the 60's Mobley set as I have only the RVG of No Room For Squares
  6. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    I'll be getting my set soon to complement the 50's set. I admit my interest in acquiring more straight ahead from this era has waned considerably, but I have next to nothing of the Hank 60's Blue Note sessions except for the RVG's of No Room For Squares, Workout, Another Workout, Roll Call and the Audiowave XRCD of Soul Station. I always held out to see if the '63 era on material would all be remastered.
  7. I may try that. Thanks!
  8. I hear you, Brad. Well the discs and booklet are in great condition in my set so its what matters to me. I used to feel that way, everything has to be perfect, but I relaxed about it. I haven't bought anything from Mosaic since 2007, so the new Mobley set will very likely be my next purchase-- but I'm kind of weighing the option since the albums are there on Amazon HD Music, but Mosaic's presentations I love.
  9. Jimmy Heath RIP

    Very sad news. I was playing this today when I heard the news. That's the only Heath I own. Then I streamed The Quota and Triple Threat on Amazon HD Music. Great music and writing.
  10. Cassette tape production revival?

    That's exactly it. Have them look as they were originally intended. This is a big thing with retro fighting games still played competitively in the fighting game community because with the amount of skill it takes to execute tight combos often in 1 frame of animation it's better to have the action occur in real time other than a delay an HDTV may cause, though they've seem to have figured it out with an ASUS monitor.
  11. Cassette tape production revival?

    Those folk there are interesting... I can only speak from the perspective of 16 bit 2D video games, but if you look at say, the original arcade release of Street Fighter III: Third Strike on an HDTV from the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection on PS4 it looks quite a bit pixellated vs if you were to view the original arcade machine on a CRT... but if you use a few scan lines it can look very good. It won't look nearly as good as a modern game, that's stating the obvious, but if it was always well done, as that game was it'll look good no matter what.
  12. Herbie Hancock Complete Columbia Box

    I love this set. The worst albums IMO are Feets Don't Fail Me Now and Monster but in hindsight the Laswell trilogy isn't nearly as bad as I thought it'd be back when I was a snob. I thought the Wounded Bird discs had identical masterings but I guess not. Their cover reproductions were quite poor.
  13. Unavailability of hard copy CD product !!!

    BTW, I also do downloads but I prefer CD, lipi. I also stream on Amazon HD music. So it's great that you think I "understand the world", just by laying an assumption I knock downloads. I was specifically referring to the production mess on the Ralph Peterson CD AND download. Don't believe me, check out the download version... same flaws as the CD. If you prefer downloads, that's fine, there's advantages and disadvantages to both. I'm finished with this conversation.
  14. Unavailability of hard copy CD product !!!

    The download has the same problems, the artist did not catch them. I still like CD's too and yes hard copies can fail, but it's better to have a hard copy, even if you back up the digital because that too can fail. Plus, artists cannot autograph a file. The sarcasm you intended did not come off
  15. Sonny Rollins talks about Jackie McLean

    Great stuff
  16. Unavailability of hard copy CD product !!!

    You do NOT want a CD of the Peterson. I am publishing a review of it tommorrow. The music is terrific, however there are mastering and post production errors that went unchecked. The CD was initially pressed with the wrong track order, then pressed again with sequence errors still present. I can confirm through digital promo and CD these errors are present. Lydia Liebman has made journalists like myself aware of the issues with this album, Mr. Peterson did not catch these errors before the album went out
  17. Rush drummer Neil Peart dead at 67

    RIP Neil. I saw this on Antonio Sanchez' FB. Antonio, who came from rock, Neil and Bonham, are just as much influences for him as Max Roach, Jack DeJohnette and Roy Haynes. I was thinking of Neil the other day, so strange. Such a creative, melodic player
  18. Best and worst sounding RVG Blue Note CD

    The Sermon and Houseparty sound terrific. My friend and I played the RVG on his system with Focal 948's, and it sounded amazing, like a B-3 sounds in real life, like when I saw Smith live. The hi res version sounds pretty similar, just more relaxed bass Shame you aren't an organ fan, there's an incredible world there when you open up to the early history: Bill Doggett, Milt Buckner, then on to Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff, Larry Young, Johnny Hammond, Don Patterson, Charles Earland, there's some GREAT records there.
  19. Best and worst sounding RVG Blue Note CD

    The Soothsayer and Out To Lunch are among the worst. The Audiowave XRCD of Tom Cat is fantastic.
  20. Blue Note Tone Poet Series to continue in 2020...

    That's a shame, it's a great album. Check it out. I should know as I'm the resident Metheny expert on this board. "The Red One", "Say The Brother's Name" are some of his best blowing tunes , I do not do vinyl, I have the CD and is an excellent recording sonically.
  21. Wayne Shorter

    Glad he's looking a bit heartier in that photo. It was shocking how thin he looked earlier in the year at the Grammy ceremony.
  22. Does Oscar Peterson get a bad rap?

    Entitled to your opinion of course, but I've always dug him from the time I heard "The Trio" when I was 8 or 9 years old, I enjoy his ballad playing too.
  23. Hiromi - Spectrum

    I just got this today and really enjoy it.