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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    "The Mis-Used Blues" is amazing!
  2. I met homefromtheforest at an Evan Parker concert, though it took us months to realize we were both board members.
  3. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Ornette Coleman, Who's Crazy? 2 (Trio Records, Japan)
  4. Anthony Braxton

    Graham Lock's excellent book on Braxton, Forces in Motion, has been reissued with some extra material by Dover Publications. The book covers the quartet's 1985 tour on England and provides excellent background on Braxton's approach to music. One of the best jazz books out there.
  5. I voted for Jimmy Giuffre. I followed your lead and wrote Nessa on the write-in ballot for label.
  6. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Paul Desmond Quartet Live Herbie Hancock, Flood John Coltrane, Transition
  7. Bob Dorough Dies at 94

    Bob Dorough has been named one of this year's NEA Jazz Masters, along with Abdullah Ibrahim, Maria Schneider and Stanley the Grouch.
  8. Anthony Braxton

    Anthony Braxton in conversation with Alexander Hawkins.
  9. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    Lewis Porter writes about Both Directions at once, including a theory that someone other than Coltrane wrote “11386”
  10. Kamasi Washington - Heaven and Earth

    Rickey Washington plays flute in the orchestra that's on many of the tracks. He also plays tenor on one of the "hidden" disk tracks.
  11. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    I got a replacement copy--still warped and the second LP has the same labels on each side. Musically speaking, there is some stellar Jimmy Garrison on this.
  12. Kamasi Washington - Heaven and Earth

    I'm really enjoying this one. I've only heard bits of the The Epic (which I admired but not really my cup of tea), but I think Heaven and Earth is a step up and more jazzy. At times, when the choir and orchestra are added, it sounds like Ennio Morricone hijacking a CTI session.
  13. Bley/Mantler - Escalator Over The Hill

    Here's a fascinating look at the making of, written by Carla Bley: https://ethaniverson.com/accomplishing-escalator-over-the-hill-by-carla-bley/
  14. Bley/Mantler - Escalator Over The Hill

    I believe the last track was under 10 minutes on the original but ended in a locked groove, so it went on forever. Some of the CD versions try to replicate this. I've never really dwelled much on this record, but it's delightfully bonkers!
  15. Coltrane: Both Directions At Once (lost album)

    Picked up the 2 LP set. The music is wonderful and the deluxe version is worth it. Nothing deluxe about the vinyl presentation, however: the records on my copy are warped, the liner notes are on a poster you have to fold out to read and the design is oh so 2008.
  16. Happy Birthday CJ Shearn!

    Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a great one.
  17. Reggie Lucas RIP

    Guitarist Reggie Lucas passed away earlier this month. He would get my pick as Miles Davis' most unheralded sideman, though he got plenty of recognition and a Grammy for his later songwriting and production work. I love his guitar work on Miles' 1975 Japan tour. He also briefly studied with Ornette Coleman and was the guy who set Ornette up with Jamaaladeen Tacuma.
  18. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Ganelin/Chekasin/Tarasov - Con Anima (Melodiya)
  19. Guelph Fest 2018 lineup announced

    Nice to see a jazz festival with actual jazz. Good to see Guelph and Victoriaville, Quebec are still putting on great festivals.
  20. Bob Dorough Dies at 94

    RIP. Quite a multi-talented guy. Not too often you see someone with credits on Blossom Dearie, Miles Davis and John Zorn albums. He was also an accomplished recorder player and did some classical albums with recorder heavyweights such as LaNoue Davenport as well as the Medieval Jazz Quartet album, which is quite a blast.
  21. Happy Birthday B. Clugston!

    Thank you! Picked up Herbie Hancock's Flood and Bernard Vitet's La Guepe for a birthday treat. '
  22. "Legal trouble may be brewing for a Northern California brewery that sells “Brother Thelonious Belgian Style Abbey Ale,” with a label showing jazz pioneer Thelonious Monk in his trademark cap and sunglasses in front of a halo of piano keys...." https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/Monk-s-son-wins-right-to-sue-over-Brother-12553201.php
  23. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Dollar Brand, African Space Program (Enja). Great music, though this is one album that sounds much better on CD. I've listened to a few copies of this over the years and all have sounded not so great.
  24. Roswell Rudd (1935-2017)

    RIP. Fabulous musician and a wonderful champion of Herbie Nichols. Great pic Allen. I was just reading this piece by Frances Davis about Roswell Rudd's Catskill days and it ended with this postscript: "The New York Art Quartet reunion never happened, and Rudd eventually lost his job at the Granit. The good news is that he’s been working with the tenor saxophonist Allen Low (sic)."
  25. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Interesting! Glad the replacement worked out so well. Susanne Lautenbacher, Biber -- Sonatas for Violin (Vox). Nice 1960s recording of the Mystery Sonatas, mastered by RVG.