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  1. Cuscuna & T-Rex

    Interesting! I presume that is the MTV VJ - J.J. Jackson?
  2. Cuscuna & T-Rex

    So I was listening to a CD copy of "Electric Warrior" by T-Rex. It is a bonus track version issued in 2003. I was prepared to hit eject then heard Cuscuna introduce himself as he begins the interview with Marc Bolan. Interesting to hear him in this context. Candid, intelligent two-way exchange. Not sure if it can be streamed anywhere.
  3. Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal

    True, although I would argue it is slightly better than Spotify. My primary MO is to play music downloaded to my iphone. So a plus for Apple Music (versus Spotify) because both sets of music exist in the same app.
  4. What Are You Watching

    Yep, glad it is back
  5. I am Stonewall15 who wrote the question regarding plastic hard case covers for Savoy CDs.

    Are you a Savoy CD collector, as I am?

    Perhaps we could communicate.

    Dan (Stonewall15)

  6. hard plastic mini-lp covers

    Yeah, this has been an "unmet want" of mine so long that I forgot about it. Would love to hear of a source.
  7. Criss Cross New Releases

    Thanks for the update! I buy everything Sipiagin puts out.
  8. ???

    I've looked for updates for several years, but found nothing. Can't seem to find a (current) thing about him on the web.
  9. Bobby Hutcherson - Columbia Albums

    I discovered Highway One on vinyl a few years ago. I enjoyed it and it struck me as being in a similar vein as his later BN records. Pretty sure Un Poco Loco was out on CD at one point. It has John Abercrombie on guitar IIRC.
  11. Nice CJ! Was it really 30 years ago? Have it spinning right now. Sounds like an old friend.
  12. Upcoming Uptown Records releases

    Courtesy of amazon: "(2-CD set) The big band, nonet and sextet groups of bassist Oscar Pettiford are well documented across the 48 tracks on this double disc collection. Recorded between 1955-1958 at Birdland and Op's Black Pearl, Pettiford's bands include Donald Byrd, Johnny Coles, Art Farmer, J.R. Monterose, Hank Jones, Dick Katz, Shadow Wilson and many others with arrangements by Benny Golson, Gigi Gryce, Oscar Pettiford, Lucky Thompson and Ernie Wilkins."
  13. Happy Birthday ROOSTER!!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  14. Really, really enjoying this. Love the concept and track selections. "Within You, Without You" is sublime. Great cover too.
  15. Wildly above my pay grade, but thought some of our musician members might find of interest: