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  2. Meat Loaf RIP

    Yep, followed by an Elvis Costello bootleg - and then Lee Morgan City Lights 😎
  3. Meat Loaf RIP

    RIP Mr. Loaf Might put "I'd Do Anything for Love" at the top of the list - talk about an improbable comeback!
  4. I must have read an ad or story in Downbeat, perhaps in 1984 and asked for the Monk set for Christmas that year. A year or two later I remember reading the ad copy for the Tina Brooks set and bought it. I have loved each of those lps since. What a great ride!
  5. Very cool guys. I bought a Freddie Hubbard/Dexter Gordon shot. How do you frame these things? I know nothing. Thought I would rely on the framer for details, but any tips would be appreciated.
  6. Great post and great CD - I have a copy! Will re-listen on my way to work tomorrow. Great series - hope there is more to come.
  7. The stickers don't bother me - they are part of the charm (to each his own, I know). This dude had an amazing collection and hit an large number of live shows, especially for the Triangle area. He was one of us and then some. I won Andrew Hill "Grass Roots" - ticket of the show attended (to secure the autograph) on the front, sticker on the rear. The reason I bought this was for Hill's note on the back (above the autograph) which says "I love this L.P." Fortunately the price was a little more modest than the Shorter lps. Nothing against Shorter, but I would much prefer a Hill autograph! While I did not buy it for "investment" purposes, I suspect it will hold its own against other autographed copies of Grass Roots
  8. Awesome - thanks everyone for responding!
  9. Katherine McKinnon

    I am with you Larry. This was deemed to be "obvious" by everyone else in the room. I am not positive I saw it either. Guessing there will be another 15-20 opportunities to clarify this Sunday.
  10. This has been an on again/off again thing, but we are leaving tomorrow. The original plan was to see the rock band Spoon on Austin City Limits for NYE, but that cancelled. So looking for ideas on music venues, record stores and to keep Mrs. Eric happy, book stores.
  11. Katherine McKinnon

    I was struck by the same thing - until it was pointed out she is supposed to be walking on ice. Once again, Dad does not know jack.
  12. Thought this might of interest to some here (claims/appears to be an ESP test pressing on eBay):