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  1. Happy Birthday ROOSTER!!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  2. Really, really enjoying this. Love the concept and track selections. "Within You, Without You" is sublime. Great cover too.
  3. Wildly above my pay grade, but thought some of our musician members might find of interest:
  4. Spun this all the way through today. Wow - what a treat. I knew the "One For One" cuts pretty well from the 1975 lp, but this thing is just chock full of intriguing and *FUN* music.
  5. Hank Mobley In Holland

    Received this from Dusty Groove and am on my second listen. It's a no-brainer if you like Hank. Sound quality is good throughout. The booklet is full of photos from his various March 1968 Dutch gigs. The notes are detailed and strive to accurately capture the context of the three distinct sessions on the CD. Well done and interesting. The Dutch sidemen are solid. Hank is clearly Hank, circa 1968. Some cuts better than others. Nice to hear Three Way Split, the only Mobley original on the set.
  6. Wow - never heard of these. Would like to own a couple ...
  7. Well if we are getting dessert, I'll take the three-minute tag at the end of I Want To Talk About You from Live at Birdland.
  8. Hank Mobley In Holland

    Being a sneaky Bastardâ„¢, I will now (and only now) reveal that I just received my shipping notice.
  9. It's interesting, after listening to most of the catalog on a semi-regular basis for 35 years ... well beyond "need to give this one another listen because it's supposed to be a classic" So what do I really listen to, what do I pull when I just want to hear some Trane ... Plays The Blues Coltrane's Sound Crescent sometimes My Favorite Things Despite how it looks, not really an "Atlantic" guy per se and have no issues whatsoever with the free stuff. All of the above just always sounds good, fresh.
  10. Analyst: Target should drop CDs

    Older car here, so no Bluetooth option (but plugging in is easy). It sure is sweet in my wife's car to use Bluetooth. I also have Apple Music (previously had Spotify) and so I will sometimes stream.
  11. Analyst: Target should drop CDs

    I see your point. I have maybe 50-60 albums on my phone, plus a couple of playlists. I just like having more selection. Plus, I don't have to mess with the jewel cases and the associated clutter. It is usually a mix of newer CDs and old favorites - my comfort food CDs. I have used iTunes for so long it is a breeze to manage what is on my phone.
  12. Analyst: Target should drop CDs

    I can't remember the last time I played a CD in the car ... why? What a pain in the butt when you can plug in your phone (or use bluetooth).
  13. Selects for sale at Reckless

    No doubt. I have what I want, but there is an embarrassment of riches out there ...
  14. Opinions on Select "Recent" Releases

    I saw him in Chicago last fall with Orrin Evans. Liked him better on soprano than tenor. Of course that was live versus the CD. Thought he was really, really good on soprano (and nothing like his dad). Note that puts Cities higher, both from the critic and the users - and a fairly high number of user ratings for both.
  15. That is interesting - i didn't even realize that "wolfgang's" existing separately from Concert Vault - thought it was the same thing. Confusing. My account credentials work at both places.