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  1. The album is up in Apple Music, with one tune available for listening (“Quick Trip”). Nice tune, nice Lee solo.
  2. Tower Records

    My favorites were in NYC (by Union Square and by Lincoln Center) and San Francisco (the city and Mountain View). I saw Pete Townsend one night at 11:45 at the Lincoln Center store. At every one of those stores I stocked up mightily on Japanese Blue Note CDs, most of which had not been released in the US. I used to *love* going there!
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Tina Brooks - “The Waiting Game”
  4. Wow, seems way too young, both to have passed and to have suffered from dementia. RIP and condolences to his family, friends and fans.
  5. Bart Starr RIP

    My boyhood idol. RIP #15.
  6. Happy Birthday Chuck!

    Happy Birthday Chuck!!
  7. Forum Secure?

  8. Received my copy today. While I have known and loved this music forever, it is nice to have in a CD format (plus the unissued track - Repetition).
  9. Bill Evans TIME REMEMBERED documentary

    Just stumbled on this this on Prime. Definitely worth watching.
  10. Vinyl/download-only releases

    It seems most of the vinyl only releases come with a download card - particularly if it is lossless, I am good with that. Absent that, I suppose I would if I really wanted the title. Occasionally you find something that is only available in a download. In that case, it's a toss-up between buying the download or trying to find a nice used vinyl copy on ebay or discogs. I typically use a streaming service if I a) am in the car, b) want to preview a potential purchase or c) am too lazy to dig out the CD if it isn't already in my iTunes library. There is something about buying a physical product that I still like, although my kids think I am nuts. Something about committing to the music. If you throw down some cash, you have made an investment, physically and for me psychologically. Like others mentioned, I also like the notes, the photos, etc.
  11. Another vote for Hank. I didn't realize the poll was online.
  12. Phil Woods Mosaic set

    Bought it based off this thread. Echo these comments on both counts!
  13. Charlie Rouse redux

    Agreed 😀
  14. Definitely a fan and wishing him all the best.