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  1. Apologies if this has been posted:
  2. Wait until a few of the copies show up on ebay ...
  3. New Charles Tolliver

    Bought a copy at amazon and am listening on their platform before the CD arrives. It is also on Spotify and Apple Music. WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER!!
  4. Not to derail a fascinating discussion, but bought this one twice. PM me if interested. I will charge $4 for S&H, US only. Nothing for the CD.
  5. The Lost Quintet -- Rotterdam Nov. 9, 1969

    This one is coming at the end of July. Not sure if this has been out before - the details are on the Sleepy Night website. Edit - well, I can’t upload the image from my phone, but it is the Lost Septet. Album cover is a painting of the back cover of BB.
  6. Nice comprehensive review CJ!! The Bastards have this available on CD and vinyl. How does this go unreleased over the last 35 years? Was it once “rejected?” Rhetorical question as it is out now!
  7. Ron Rooks, RIP

    I was probably too vauge ... just longing for the old brick and mortar experience in the Covid world and this old haunt came to mind. Thanks for the link Tom - never saw it!
  8. Ron Rooks, RIP

    Up just because ... the Kansas City guys will know why ...
  9. There is a 2nd track available for listening on Apple Music (and presumably Spotify and the others), Hipsippy Blues.
  10. Hi Tommy,


    Any way to purchase Steeplechase CDs?  I missed your recent offer.




    1. jazzmusicdepot


      yes, same can order steeplechase

  11. Been listening to this set quite a bit lately. Art is on fire throughout. Great sound too.
  12. Lee Morgan: The Last Session

    Forthcoming Mosaic set?