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  1. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    I don't know if there are many good sizes left, but those UNIQLO t-shirts are a huge bargain. Bought four, gave two to kids, have two more on the way. Quote this morning from my 20 year old, "I don't know who this Morgan guy is, but this is a great shirt".
  2. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    Saw the sizing caution late, but that just means re-arranging which kids got what. I wound up with a couple Lee XLs. Awesome bargain, quality as reported by Felser!!
  3. UNIQLO BN T-Shirts

    Rocking Lee at a 5K this am
  4. Miles Davis: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 7

    Picked this up at Record Store Day. I am lukewarm on 80s Miles, more so in the later years. But this is pretty decent, enjoyable to listen to. You definitely get the sense the band is stronger live than in studio. Miles sounds pretty good, open horn on the sides I have listened to. John Scofield is also here, so if you like him (I do) that is a nice bonus. Well recorded, fun to play loud, has some punch. There are the synth florishes, but I can ignore.
  5. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Just went through it myself. I am 60, double vaxed and double boosted. A little disorientation and cough for a couple days. Ten days post first symptoms and aside from being a little sleepier than normal, all things feel normal. Gives me a real appreciation for how lucky/fortunate I am to contract under these circumstances.
  6. Post a pic

    That is awesome. Thanks
  7. John Jenkins discography

    Wow, interesting, thank-you for that. Jenkins was from Chicago according to Discogs.
  8. John Jenkins discography

    So nine albums in ~ 6 months and that's it. His Discogs entry has him passing in 1993 at age 62. He is listed as appearing on the 1997 Clifford Jordan Big Band record (the one on Mapleshade, not Milestone), which came out in 1997 but was recorded in 1990, so the timeline fits. How does a guy make such a splash then disappear (on records anyway) fir 33 years?
  9. Great story, thanks Chuck. Man, I get it. The filing "system" at once blows me a away but then again it doesn't. Of course that seems to be missing the point by a wide margin. I would love to spend an afternoon in that basement, listening to whatever he wants to play.
  10. This is a big "up" - I am wondering what happened to Rick Ballard? I visited his Oakland store as recently as 2015, but cannot find a web presence. I always enjoyed speaking with him over the years at his store(s).
  11. Hank Mobley

    Wow, was that from the old BN board days? Dan - any recollection of the general content of his speech?
  12. Kraftwerk

    Cool - please report back!