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  1. Now I do remember - say from 1985 onward - buying a bunch of the Blue Notes Mark describes from JayBee Jazz out of St. Louis. They would mail you a list. Forgot all about that. And I bought some vintage Blue Notes off other lists - including a beautiful original copy of Our Thing for something like $30, which seemed enormous at the time.
  2. As with all things Organissimo, this blog has been a (well-spent) drain on my pocketbook 😎 I have found this decade to be extremely rich and deep and thanks HutchFan, for taking the time to point out a bunch of things that were previously unknown to me. It has also prompted me to pull out stuff that had been sitting dormant in my vinyl collection. When I started buying jazz (early 80s), this was the only era that was really in print, at least in the middle of Kansas.
  3. Gary Burton

    Those Essential Media Group CDs are routinely dinged for sound quality - how about this one?
  4. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Bill Hardman - Home, Focus & Politely I think the Junior Cook lps only came out in portions via compilation Love those Mickey Tucker lps. Also, believe there are some Ricky Ford and James Spaulding lps.
  5. Funny how that works. I used to love the Police back in the early 80s ... Sting was even a jazz bassist ... but now is a bit of a snooze. The best tie back to that era is stuff with some sort of deep emotional resonance ... which was never the Police!
  6. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Maybe only part of it? The other tunes look like they are from a Paul Chambers VeeJay date with Cannonball date if memory serves ...
  7. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Very surprised by the Cannonball and Smith lps ...!
  8. So according to this, yes for Milestones, Down by the Riverside and Night Train. I agree with the commentary re: Milestones and Riverside - they sound great.
  9. Wow - I have been streaming this one non-stop. It is a great guitar album, a great organ album and (on some cuts) a great big band album. I have the two original Verve lps. For the songs recreated here, the takes are at once familiar and very fresh. The originals and other covers are very nice as well. Notwithstanding the nice words in the original post, I had planned to pass on this one - how can the originals be bested? Not bested - but damn near equaled and frankly a little more modern (and crisp) on some of the cuts. Highly recommended!
  10. I will take these - PM sent. Thanks
  11. Wallace Roney R.I.P (COVID-19 victim)

    Saw that - looks like one of those Smoke Sessions covers. Played some cuts on Spotify - not remotely close to traditional jazz - so wondered whether it was him - but guessing that it is. I do hear a little trumpet every now and then. Not saying it is bad - but not something I would necessarily revisit.
  12. Don Patterson

    Wow - fascinating. I had no idea how frequently he recorded with Sonny Stitt. The Legends of Acid Jazz series, while glad we have it, makes sorting through this a bit challenging. Thanks for the clarity!!
  13. Gale Sayers, RIP

    The Kansas Comet. He became re-engaged with his/my alma mater over the past 10 years. Always looked to be the picture of health. The highlight reels are still mind-boggling - as if he could run as fast sideways as straight ahead!
  14. Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder

    From the Wikipedia page, looks like Chrysler, 1965:
  15. Neil Swainson - 49th Parallel

    Yes, I had this one in my car CD player and had forgotten it was there. I hit play and picked up on the middle of a Woody solo. Not really thinking too hard about it, I thought to myself "man that guy can play - who is it?" I smiled when I realized who it was. Nice CD.