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Report that Gerald Wilson has passed away

ghost of miles

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I know that Gerald lived to a ripe old age, but I am still so saddened by his passing. I met him several times and he was a walking encyclopedia of jazz history. He had not been to Seattle for several decades but remembered all the clubs he played at 50 years ago both in Seattle and in the clubs of N Williams Ave here in Portland.

RIP Gerald ....You will be sincerely missed

So glad to have his Mosaic set...

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One of the first, very first, jazz records I bought was a Gerald Wilson record, Everywhere. Out of the cutout bins, Loved it then, love it now, and have followed Gerald Wilson ever since. The more I understood big band writing, the more fun it was to listen to him. The Mosiac is a treasure, but don't overlook the later work. They're gems, all of them.

RIP. Much love, and you'll be missed down here on the ground.

If this was geared for airplay, it worked magnificently. A staple of drive-time jazz radio aorund here for as long as we had it.

Electric harpsichord, California flutes, fully voiced brass, and Harold Land.

Much, much love.

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Time to go to Spotify and listen to the Mosaic box!

RIP Gerald - I'm reaching for the box this morning.

What sad news to start the day. However, I'm grateful that I managed to see him a couple of times. One time in LA with his orchestra (stupendous) and more recently when he did that London concert in his ripe old age. His enthusiasm and vitality at that gig were incredible.

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he was like the west coast duke ellington, + more, i cant think of anything else to put it. the godfather of west coast jazz. Gerald Wilson. RIP. he played up here once maybe 7 yrs ago,but it was the wildest commute to reach it, involving a auto-ferry and multiple residential point by point turns. it was a time when i was not driving much, and i did not go. :( But i have all his records incl. the bootleg of his 78rpm stuff, all his pacific jazz lps as a leader, the 'orch. of the eighties' lps.......

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Not unexpected considering his advanced age, but still a sad day.

The Mosaic box is an indispensable part of my collection, and definitely one of my favorites.

Unfortunately I only saw him once - at Yoshi's several years ago as part of Kenny Burrell's 75th birthday celebration. Fortunately, it was recorded by BN, so I'll always have that memory.


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I first heard him in 1963 - this was it and if that's not Groove Holmes on organ there, I'm an Antarctic penguin


Did Sam ever sound so great?

Here's another great arrangement he did - this for Ray Charles; a cover of Chuck Jackson's 'I wake up crying'.


How GOOD he made this stuff sound!

People talk about jazz musicians doing commercial work to support their jazz activities, but if those arrangements aren't PURE Gerald Wilson jazz activities, well I dunno what is.

BFTs have proved it, I can't recognise Duke Ellington orchestrations, but I CAN recognise Gerald's work. Can't live without all these nice Gerald Wilson recordings.

RIP, and many, many thanks for what you did.


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