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Jim Alfredson

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Hi friends,

The forum will be upgraded to the new Invision software this Saturday, November 5th. I do not have an exact time yet, but during that time the board will be inaccessible. I'm guessing it will take about four hours. The gentleman I hired to do it lives in Italy, so it will probably be late East Coast time, like 2am or 3am.

I'll update this thread with more info as I get it.

When the board comes back up it will look quite different and wont' be themed correctly, as this current theme is incompatible with the new software. It will take me a bit to get a new theme up and running, but at least the board itself will be functional and much more secure.

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19 minutes ago, Rooster_Ties said:

How’d you find the guy in Italy to do the upgrade?  Was he recommended?

I found him in the developers section on the official Invision Board forum. He had tens of thousands of good ratings, so I believe he's trustworthy. Way better than the first guy that reached out and wanted Bitcoin only. LOL! Yeah right buddy.

50 minutes ago, JSngry said:

Can we eventually have the official board rules readily available for all to reference? That would be sweet!

Are they not currently?

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7 minutes ago, felser said:

Good stuff, very different.  What are these badge things?

I’m not sure. I haven’t had time to delve into all the new features yet. I’m actually on the road, driving to Annapolis. I’m out all next week playing. But I do have two days off so I’ll have time to take a look around. 

I need to find a donations plug-in and get that installed. 

And yes it’s definitely faster. The dev removed a lot of bloat. 

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