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Oliver Nelson - The Blues and the abstract... Impulse UK from 1976- very quiet pressing

That was the first version of that one I bought - still have it. The US orig. is better sounding but the 70s UK Impulse is fine. Turns out they were working from an early generation set of master tapes I believe, for those 70s reissues.

Still remember the excitement of picking up that one and 'Africa Brass' up in Taunton back in 1976 (at a vinyl emporium now long gone). Cost was about £3.50 each - not cheap back then. They came with US sleeve liners too (with lots of 'foxing').

I'll stick with my Beatles Mono Box CDs for the 'White Album'. :)

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no VSOP reissue here! Andex, a division of REX, baby! condition: awwwwwwweseome!

did i say yet it was 10 bucks :wacko: ?

also picked up julius watkins french horns for my lady (phillips), Red Callendar- Callendar Speaks Low (crown), Bud Shank+Len Mercer Strings- Ill take romance (World Pacific- never seen this one or knew it existed), the swingin nutcracker- shorty rogers (finally), oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, and CREAM- FRESH CREAM (Atco Mono):lol:

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also picked up julius watkins french horns for my lady (phillips)

How's the Watkins? This is on my wish list for quite some time, but I have no idea what type of music this really is ...

Hope chewy doesn't mind me giving my opinion. It's basically hip bachelor pad music with some jazz touches - mostly in the form of improvised solos by Watkins and Eddie Costa. I like it a lot, for what it is - just don't expect a Jazz album with a capital "J."

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