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Horace Silver 1928-2014

Mike Schwartz

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One of my favorites.

I feel like he was among everybody's favorites, around here at least. What a beautiful musician and spirit. Definitely played a role in keeping me eager and interested when I was first discovering jazz. His solos always brought a smile to my face.

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very sad news. But what can I say. I´m glad he was there and played that wonderful music for us all. He was a fantastic musician and sure a great human being. I also loved his autobiography.

I have most of his records.

Strange, just a few days ago I listened to the Art Blakey "A Night at Birdland". Though that´s not a record under his name, his presence is very very strong, his compositions and his great piano.

One of the highlights is his piano solo on that untitled slow blues. Really moving, and while I listened to that, I wondered how Horace Silver might feel right now. I was aware he was ill, also had heard about his alzheimer desease.


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Wikipedia is not listing his death and they're usually very quick with these things.

I have most of Horace's recorded output and saw him play twice - in the same week! In 1969 his Quintet (with the Brecker brothers and Billy Cobham) appeared with the Muddy Waters Blues band and a gospel group (Stars of Faith?) at the unlikely venue of the Batley Variety Club in West Yorkshire. The Quintet were great and I wanted to hear more than this brief appearance, so I travelled to London and heard them at Ronnie Scott's at the weekend. Sat right at the front - one of the best gigs I've ever been to! Billy Cobham and Horace really had something going! Fond memories!

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I don't mean to disrupt the somber and respectful tone of this discussion, but it's been several hours since the original post and there is still no confirmation from reliable and identifiable sources that Mr. Silver has passed. JC doesn't name its source, and despite the assertion from Jazzwise that "It has been widely reported online and across social media..." I can find no evidence of this chatter.

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