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Some previously unreleased Lennie Tristano *IS* in the works!! (Now, from StaMford)

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6 CDs is a lot, and it's a pretty big time span, so I will need to see hard specifics before committing.

But let me put it this way - they're going to have to work really hard to convince me NOT to buy it, which is a very pleasant change of pace for Mosaic of late!

ADD: just now seeing this: The 6 discs cover his early trio with Billy Bauer, his superhuman solo piano work, the sextet with Konitz and Marsh, the ‘50s trio with Peter Ind, duets with Sonny Dallas and live material from the Half Note in 1962.

Yeah, that'll work just fine, thank you!

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yes pleassssseeee - go Lennie!!

just saw my email from Mosaic

So, it doesn't look like they'll include any of the Savory material I listened to while at the Harlem Jazz Museum in 2017 - pity as there was some choice material there

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This should generate more of the attention and discussion that I was hoping his centennial would bring about.  (There was some, to be sure, but a Mosaic set with this kind of expansive overview seems likely to get reviewed in the more major mainstream media outlets such as NY Times and the Wall Street Journal.)

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May be the first Mosaic I’ve ever actually pre-ordered.

I did (but all separately) order the Woody Shaw Muse set, and the Sam Rivers Select, and one of the Charles Tolliver Selects — immediate upon their release. But in each case, I ordered a few days after the pre-order period closed, so I could add a few other sets to my same order.

So, yeah, this might be my first actual PRE-order.

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On 9/19/2021 at 1:01 AM, JSngry said:

I wonder if Dot Time Records might be a destination for this material? They did the last major Tristano release.

I know for a fact Dot Time had an unissued trio ready to go, possibly more stuff. I wonder if the Mosaic comes in lieu of those. The estate also released a CD with some unissued things or in better sound than before (this one). Really intrigued to see what they come up with now.

When I got the email I thought it'd be about the Black & White set... jaw dropped to dislocation. 


PS My first Mosaic was their Tristano/Konitz/Marsh set, bought after much pondering over cash flow issues.

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