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McCoy Tyner has died, aged 81


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What a shame, may he rest in peace..but what a lasting impact he has made.

I was really hoping to see/hear him play at least once more. To this day, the gig of his I saw at Ronnie Scotts around 1982 counts as the finest performance I ever witnessed.

In more recent years he has appeared quite frail in performances.

There will be much of his wonderful music spinning here this weekend.  :(

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3 minutes ago, Clunky said:

Sad news . An amazing musician of the highest order. I recall him looking pretty frail when I saw him perform over a decade ago. Last of the quartet..,

That would be the last UK tour I guess, around 2006/2007. I saw him then too and yes - very frail looking when walking across the stage. I think it was part of a double bill with Joshua Redman.

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I only saw him once - I think in 1994 with his "big band" that included John Stubblefield, Billy Harper, Virgil Jones  and (I think) Eddie Henderson.

Liked most of all his work with Coltrane and his earliest leader albums.

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Very sad, but news I'd been dreading for some time now.  He was a giant.  I remember back in the good old days when he used to have his annual 2 week residencies at Yoshi's in Oakland.  Saw him in several different musical settings that way.  A genuine artist, one whose influence will be felt in the jazz world for decades to come.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Tyner.  "You Taught My Heart To Sing".

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 R.I.P. to one of my all-time favorites.

He was, of course, integral to the Coltrane quartet, but what a spectacular solo career.  I collected just about everything he did, from solo to big band. So much of it was excellent, including the many sideman appearances on Blue Note in the 1960s.  

He was a fine composer, and certainly one of the greats on the keys.  

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5 minutes ago, Balladeer said:

A giant. I ve been lucky to catch him in a trio setting live - an enthralling concert.

Also loved his two solo albums he recorded for Blue Note in 1988 and 1992..

Never stopped making great music.

Thank you and RIP

This gem, from 1972, was to me THE great Tyner (and one of the greatest by anyone) solo piano album:

  Image result for mccoy tyner echoes of a friend

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Not only a great pianist, but his personal sound and technique became the preeminent piano comping sound in jazz, displacing Bud Powell's.  I remember seeing Pat Martino around 2006, and whoever he had as a pianist played nothing but Tyner's dense block, swirling chords.  RIP.

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