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Mosaic JATP 1950s Box

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1 hour ago, bresna said:

I haven't pre-ordered in a while but this one is too tempting. I'm in.

This is the first time I've ordered with their new web-based ordering system. I have yet to receive an order confirmation. Is this normal?

FWIW, I used PayPal and received my confirmation almost immediately.

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6 hours ago, sidewinder said:

Heck, I’m still working my way through the humongous Black and White set but I’ll be in for this one I think. Nice that there’s that tempting early bird discount too, which would go some way to offsetting shipping costs.

Wonder when JazzMessengers will get this one in stock?


Whereas Jazz Messengers have previously been a good source for Mosaic boxes as they deduct VAT for UK customers, they are now less attractive because of the end of free shipping. Cost of delivery for this new box is likley to be around €14. Plus the last couple of times I ordered direct from Mosaic I wasn't cherged any import duties etc.

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I'm a little confused about one line in the description..... What do they mean "passed over for a retrospective?" Does that mean some of it was released as a single CD? The discography doesn't make it clear if this stuff has ever been on CD before (and if so, which recordings). Anybody know or got any insight?

A First-Ever Collection
JATP 1950s Jam Sessions

JATP concerts from the 1940s were documented in 1998 on a 10-CD Verve boxed set. But until now, the 1950s concerts have been passed over for a retrospective.

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I take it to mean that there have not been a re-presentation of the material of these 'fifties sessions, little of it presented again until now. How accurate that is. . . I'm not sure.

9 minutes ago, JSngry said:

Is Oscar Peterson the main pianist on this set? 

A look at the discography on the Mosaic set (easy to do right?) shows yes, though there are three sessions where Hank Jones is the pianist, and three where John Lewis is the pianist.

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